Inflatables – Information Page

The following policy is not valid until further notice. Bouncy castles and inflatables are not allowed in the Hall or its grounds from September 2022

We (Long Bennington Village Hall) do not provide any insurance for the use of a bouncy castles or similar inflatable (“inflatable”).

We must therefore advise hirers that they are responsible for putting in place appropriate insurance arrangements to cover you against injury or accident. We cannot accept any responsibility in the event of any injury or accident.

We recommend that you read the following Health & Safety Executive (HSE) advice before you hire Long Bennington Village Hall for an event which includes an inflatable.

If you hire your inflatable from a supplier, we suggest you also read their website and information about their conditions of use. You should note that inflatable suppliers often provide their own insurance, but this is often limited to the condition of the equipment, rather than insurance to cover any injury or accident.


Our insurance does not cover inflatables. It is a specific term of hiring Long Bennington Village Hall, that if your event includes or involves any of these, you must ensure appropriate insurance is in place that covers you for any injuries or accidents that may occur. You should:

a. read this page which provides further information regarding inflatables; and

b. comply with any conditions on safety, supervision and general use set out by the hirers/owners of the equipment; and

c. agree to provide full insurance for your event, which covers you for any accident or injury which takes place during your event; and

d. acknowledge that Long Bennington Village Hall are not responsible for any accident or injury which may take place during your event in any way.
Long Bennington Village Hall reserves the right to prohibit the use of the inflatable, or even to cancel the booking if appropriate evidence is not provided on request.

Please understand that these arrangements are being introduced so that all parties can be sure that proper insurance is in place enabling hirers to run a happy event, knowing that all users are properly insured.

Supervision and Safety Instructions

Hirers who intend to include an inflatable are assumed to have read and understood the HSE advice referred to above, and will implement the following best practice basic safety controls listed below as a minimum.

  1. There must be constant and close supervision by at least one suitably trained responsible adult, over the age of 18 at all times during the use of the inflatable.
  2. Operating instructions must be supplied and should include the following guidance:
  3. Restrict the number of users on the inflatable at the same time to the limit in the operator manual or on the unit label. There must be no overcrowding.
  4. Do not exceed the user height limit.
  5. A rota system for different age or size groups should be operated together with the observance of any age limit of users.
  6. All users must be made to remove footwear, hard or sharp objects such as jewellery, buckles, pens and other similar pocket contents.
  7. Make sure users can get on and off safely, with safety matting at the entrance that is no more than 2 inches deep.
  8. Anyone obviously intoxicated should not be allowed on. Eating and drinking whilst on the inflatable must not be allowed.
  9. Don’t allow users to climb or hang on the walls or perform acrobatics.
  10. The castle must be adequately secured;
  11. Soft matting covering hard surfaces must be placed adjacent to the front or side

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